Our history begins with the Conquest of Majorca by King Jaime I of Aragon with his noblemen and clergymen. Once the city was conquered, the King divided the island as reward for the services given between the Count of Ampurias Hugo IV, the Bishop of Gerona Guillén de Cabanales and the Abbot of San Feliu of Guixols Bernat Desclot amongst others.

The Count of Ampurias received the county of Muro, where the Son Sant Marti is situated and which was part of that of Santa Margarita, Maria, Llubí, major part of Soller and half of Sa Albufera. The count died approximately 50 days later.
His inheritors were: Ponce Hugo II who died in 1.267, his successor Hugo V who died in 1.277, Ponce Hugo III who died in 1.313, and finally Hugo IV "Magalino" Count of Ampurias and vicecount of Bas who on October 7th of 1.318 was transferred to honourable Pere and Francesc de Font, his sons, the goods that he inherited. In 1.926 and in 1.938 they sold part of the possessions and territories and the remaining ones were parceled. In 1.970 we acquired Cases of Son Sant Marti plus other territories of the former county.